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Who is in control in those countries? The answer is: neither the United Nations nor any other agency of a sovereign nation. In the countries that have a sovereign government, the UN provides the grants. In the countries that have UN-controlled governments, the UN makes sure that the grant goes to NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), which in turn use the money for their own non-profit, government-approved projects and charities.

Is the United Nations involved in any way in funding or administering of the United Nations Foundation? Absolutely not! The United Nations Foundation has no funding or political involvement in any way!

Does the United Nations work on any program for development or humanitarian reasons? The United Nations works only on humanitarian and development programs, not on any political issue.

I had a dream one night, about a few years ago:

The moon was full, shining through the cracks.

A man sat next to me in a bar. He wore black leather shoes.

He took a long drag from a cigarette. Then, turning to me in my dream, he laughed: “How can you have a dream when I’m here?”

He turned back to the bar, and I heard him exhale. I couldn’t tell who he was. Maybe he was a writer who had lost his dream, maybe he was an actor who had not yet found fulfillment in a job. Maybe he was a man in his sixties, maybe he was an old man. I was so angry. I started to walk out of the bar, but I found myself walking in the streets of the city.

This story is written from the point of view of the character named “The Man in Black”—one who sees and tells, and doesn’t care how many people he loses.


A small, but growing number of Republicans want a more conservative health care plan in the next Congress.

A total of 26 House Republicans have signed an open letter to Ryan calling for a “bold new plan” to replace Obamacare.

The letter, organized by Representative Justin Amash (R-MI) and signed by 46 other Republicans, was sent earlier this month to Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee and chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. Amash is a member of the Committee on Education and the Workforce, and recently wrote a letter to Ryan supporting reforms to the House’s “DREAM Act” immigration process. Ryan is a vocal critic of legislation that would provide new legal status

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