Does the government give random grants?

The federal government does not make grants; rather, it funds many types of social science research which in turn supports the work of foundations and colleges. This makes it easy to give any amount of research money to any research group at any school, regardless of how well they do.

But there’s no guarantee that the grant will result in more money for other researchers. If you’re trying to establish whether a particular grant will increase or decrease funding, you don’t need a randomized trial to show this; simply try to build a case for those outcomes.

For example, the New York State Department of Health had a grant from the National Institutes of Health, and a research group at Tufts University was awarded the $1.1 million grant.

What if a researcher gets some grant money to do a study? What happens after that?

A researcher can continue with that idea. But it’s best to get that grant money back through the foundation you have already supported. Your grant will have to provide funding for other researchers, and the foundation will need to agree that the original researcher will continue with the grant, or that another researcher will be contracted. It would be better to return that funding directly to the original grantee through the foundation, instead. The foundation can then use the money to fund other research or to provide additional funding for that research.

Can the grants be revoked?

Yes. If a student receives a grant of $1.2 million, the State Department of Health could return $10 million of the $1.2 million grant to the original research funder. There is no specific law about this.

What happens when a researcher receives a grant in the first place?

The grant is supposed to give the researcher a chance to do her or his own research to learn about the field of study. Many researchers accept this grant and pursue their own career and have no intention of doing randomized trials and other types of research; some do get grant money that supports their careers after the grant, but some decide to continue doing randomized trials as a way to raise funds.

Can you work at a school after a grant is issued?
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Not only can your grant fund other research, you can also work for an institution in the same area as a grantee! If you have previously worked for the state of New York or a local public college under a university grant, you can continue as a teaching assistant at that institution. However, if you have taught and been