Does the government give random grants? – Federal Government Grants Solutions Armageddon

The government does. The department collects random grants on a regular basis to support community health service programs.

What is included in the grant?

All items you might consider, such as dental services, home visit or health care (including long-term care) or substance abuse treatment.

How much are they paying me for the services?

The amount is given on basis of a written agreement between the minister and private sector provider. The amount is generally paid as a combination of cash and/or a cash-out, depending on the services you receive on a regular basis.

How many services per year will be covered?

There can be up to five free community health service items in each annual contract.

How do I find out if my local community health service area requires me to provide certain services or if the government will cover my costs?

For information about your local community health service area, visit the Local Health Region Finder website by going to and selecting “Resources”. Then click the local health region that applies to you.

You can also contact the regional administrator of your local community health service area. They are listed under Services or Resources on the Health map. Or you can telephone the regional administrator at the number provided under Contact.

Who provides what or for which services?

The provider may provide your health care needs or may arrange reimbursement if the services are requested by another user.

When will I be charged?

Charges have to be payable in advance, preferably before any services are delivered.

How is my money used?

The money collected is spent to help deliver health services within the community. This could include:

providing care at participating local community health service locations (listed under Resources on this map) or arranging reimbursement (if requested, or if your service is funded by a community health service)

paying for local health promotion activities or other community activities

the provision of grants to community health service programs, or

the provision of goods and services for the community, like a public phone box where local residents can access health services.

What if my service is not requested?

No money paid to the provider would be paid if the service was not requested by an individual or agency.

If you do not ask your local health service area for the services you need the government will reimburse you. You can find the maximum reimbursement rate for your service on the Medicare

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