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A. Yes, it’s a monthly fee that is part of my tuition bill. Q. I read in some book that it’s been more than 20 years, correct, and I’m told that it was originally a monthly payment for graduate students. A. Thank you. Let me ask my student if you can tell me something. You have a full- or part-time job, and you don’t have to pay anything. Is that correct? Q. Yes, it’s correct. Is this payment a part of your tuition bill? A. That is correct. Q. Is it an amount that is determined every month? A. No, this is a monthly payment that is charged on a quarterly basis, so it would be a month’s payment. Q. When should you anticipate finishing the graduate course work and you have to pay that back? A. I believe every quarter. I may think about the payment when I’m starting my job, I see that I will actually do the student’s work if I keep on doing the work. Q. And how long would this take? A. Well, let me see if I can tell you. It took, uh, two years, maybe three, I know that for sure. I do have some more classes in me, I’d have to ask her to change to that schedule. Q. And, you do not have to pay back this grant to the student? A. No, I don’t have to pay back his, I don’t have to pay him back. Q. And if he asked you to change his schedule, did you have to stop his work? A. No. We’re in the same job as we were when we started. Q. When you’ve got this grant from the university–A. I’ll tell you what, I was doing some other kind of research there. I didn’t get that grant. Q. I see. A. It was all kind of work by another assistant professor so it took me maybe 15, 20 years to finish up my research and work for the university. Q. And you are doing this at one of the other school–any of the schools you attended? A. I’m not sure. Some of the other programs, yeah. Q. You left another school after graduation? A. Yes, but I think I finished my work at one of the other schools that had a program where you could work as a research assistant and did your own graduate work and some faculty that was doing a graduate course in physics

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