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Well it’s all gone to waste as the grant money has been wasted and in all my years teaching I’ve never seen so much waste.

Do we ever have to pay back grant?

I was not really concerned at that stage. I knew that it would end up in my favour eventually but how it eventually came about I don’t know.

Did the grant just come out today?

It came out yesterday so yes.

Do you miss it?

Yes I do. I still get e-mails asking me where it is but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s gone. It’s gone in the back of my mind but I’ve got all sorts of work on there now.

And do you get tired of telling your story?

No, I don’t think so. I’m not bothered how the world treats me because I don’t think the world really cares about your story.

And you want to tell it?

This may sound funny … I don’t really want the world to hate on me. It’s not that important to me.

But what happened?

Well I used to go to the cinema and I used to watch a lot of films for free as a joke. After it became a career it was impossible for me not to. I used to ask friends and family to go with me to buy films after I got a gig and it was always the same thing.

Are films still something I watch for free?

No, not really. I like watching movies. I like watching cinema. I don’t need a lot of money to watch films for free … I have enough money.

Do you like it like it used to be?

You know what a great thing it is for a new thing to be brought out. Like this film, I love it and it’s my favourite film of the year because it’s my own movie.

I recently saw that there were discussions about how the term “black feminist” is used by people who don’t actually know what it means, and I came in thinking that if a black feminist is someone who actively takes on all the sexism and racism done towards black women, I really don’t want to hear anyone tell me that these are “bad women,” because a black feminist may in fact have taken an action that helps black women get more out of their lives (or at least, helps us get more of what we wanted to have at the

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