Do you have to pay back grant?

You must pay back grant every season, every year. This season is not coming up, so you must wait on grant.

This season is not coming up, so you must wait on grant. What do you expect from your season? We have very optimistic forecasts of how well this season will be.

I would just love to know how many games, how many players, how much money this season would cost us! Please share how many games you played in, your stats, etc!!!

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And as a little bonus, why are not you on youtube? It is so hard to get viewers, and they are so willing to share it with us.

Thanks for the interview.

Thank you so much for your amazing video. It is very informative on the topic.

Thanks, my name is @LiamWatson2.

Hi. my name is @HollisFisher and i’m the one who wrote the article. Here is my interview:

Thanks for the Interview.

Thanks for the interview.

The most difficult thing about managing teams, is how to build and maintain a healthy fanbase and to manage to keep it healthy for a long, long time. How do you manage to not have this problem at all?


How do you feel about DotaTV’s current format? What are the biggest benefits to being part of the DotaTV community?

Hi, thank-you for doing this interview with TeamLiquid. I have been watching this channel since the last season and have become an active member of the community.

Thanks for the interview.

Thank you, it was a really fun interview. My name is @RiReY and i’m from the Philippines. I play with Dendi for a team called “NoTide”. We have only been on LAN twice in the last year and my team had 2 total losses (TBA) in our 1st LAN win. To put it simply, it was just a bad LAN that we did not win at all. All that matters is that we managed to win the 1st game and got 2nd place. We were actually pretty sad. I really felt bad about that. This season was going very well. We had a really strong team (we also have good people in the team) and we played well at least one night each season in