Do you have to pay back grant?

No, but we do plan to ask for feedback from the user base about the quality of the grants. You’ll get feedback from both the community and the developers to help make the grant system better.

What exactly do you mean by quality?

For us, I mean that a given feature has a better probability of being implemented if you make the effort to implement it, and also that when implemented it will have a very high user-facing quality with a low failure rate if it is a mistake as well.

Can I submit an idea for the project now?

Absolutely! Just send a private message that has our full support so we can get to know your thoughts about the proposals and the project.

Is there an open submission period for new proposals?

There will be an open submission period starting on January 1st and running through the end of February. At that point we will begin to accept new projects (which we will be accepting for the purpose of this survey) and we will pick the best 10 to be considered as our first winners.

The National Women’s Soccer League wants to hear from female soccer players about whether they’re happy with their current contracts. NWSL commissioner Shaka Smart is hoping for a frank conversation between the league and the players’ association.

“The reality is that women’s soccer players are at a disadvantage at a lot of levels,” Smart said. “One of those disadvantages is the fact that we have contracts that are very long, and they are not a reflection of the quality of the team, their ability to win, or their ability to play a professional soccer game, but rather it’s kind of an artificial number that creates an obstacle from our side as coaches and team-officiating-officiating to making a decision. The real barrier is the fact that we have these long contracts that don’t allow for a lot of flexibility, especially for players who do not want to play in the summer.”

The question may be whether the league is offering parity with its male counterparts by its standard contracts.

NWSL commissioner Shaka Smart said the union, or any league, needs to do more to engage with female players so a clear choice between them and their male counterparts is made.

“What we have seen from the players’ association is a very, very minimal engagement with the women’s soccer players that they have,” Smart said. “We understand that the women’s soccer players have a lot of pride as individuals, and that