Do I qualify for financial assistance? – Government Grants For New Business Qld

To file a claim for help, you must have met ALL of the following requirements:

Be enrolled in the SNAP or SSI program.

Have household income that is below 120% of the federal poverty guidelines for an individual and above 133% for a family.

Have at least one qualifying adult.

Be 18 years or older.

Have at least one child who is at least 8 years old and who is enrolled in SNAP or Medicaid benefits.

Have at least one child or other adult living with you.

Be able to sign their own name on the SNAP benefits claim.

Have received a SNAP or SSI benefit in the 6 months prior to the receipt of the EOB.

Where can I find more information about eligibility?

Information about eligibility requirements, including the filing and proof requirements, can be found by visiting their website at:

I need extra time to complete the claim. Where can I file the claim?

You can submit your claim online within the deadline. If you have questions about the eligibility, you can submit a letter on the EOB form. However, you must use the letter to prove eligibility and not just your Social Security number. (Download the SNAP/SSI benefit paperwork to proof the eligibility.) The EOB can be filed in person by printing the EOB form and mailing or faxing one of the enclosed forms that match the name or social security number on the form. Or, you can file through the EOB Claim Portal. Call 855-477-9990 to learn more about filing for SNAP, SSI and Medicaid benefits online.

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