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There are plenty of free places for your boiler to stay, from hotel or hostel accommodation in the UK or overseas, to hotels and guesthouses or free community or corporate rooms, and even a very convenient public boiler in your own home.

You can also see more detailed information about using the free boiler as part of UK tax reliefs or on the UK Free Boilers website.

If you have any special requirements about the type of boiler you need, check with a local council or housing charity.

What if I have a heating or furnace upgrade with a potential long-term investment cost?

If this is the case, ask your local council tax authority for advice. Their decision can be taken at your nearest council tax office.

If you have a financial issue where you would rather pay more to meet your financial needs, you may be able to claim back VAT on the value of your new boiler.

Check with your housing provider’s information and guidance about their ‘buy back’ scheme.

If you want to take the risk that your local council won’t offer you housing or free boiler services if you choose to buy your heat by private company, check your local authority’s information and guidance.

Can I get rid of my boiler in the UK?

If you do decide to get rid of your boiler without taking out a mortgage or paying for the heat pump, you can get help from the British Gas Housing Trust or the Energy Saving Trust, a voluntary charity which has helped more than 15,000 households in the UK to achieve their heating needs in the last three years.

You can also get help with the heating and cooling of your own home, even for a short time, from your local council’s free heating service, and some councils offer free or subsidised heating for council-owned properties in certain circumstances.

You can contact the Housing Authority to find out more about your local council’s free heating service.

Is there a good home heating system in my area?

There are thousands of free boiler schemes across the UK. You can see the full list here: a list of UK free boiler schemes.

This will also include free heating in your local area if you’re an individual owner or tenant in your own home.

You can search by: your age, your occupation, or the address of the business or building where you’re living.

If you have any other questions about heating in your area, check our advice and

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