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How are boiler grants awarded?
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Bath Power Company are one of the organisations in Northern England who operate boiler grants. The grant was not established for all parts of the country but was primarily directed to areas which do not currently have a commercial connection for gas.

It was initially awarded to two regions whose needs had been identified and funded. A further funding phase was funded in the following year when a new grant was agreed. The grants are granted on an annual basis and are funded through voluntary contribution.

Bath Power (formerly Southern Energy) is owned by the Bath and North East Somerset Energy Trust and has a subsidiary in Leeds, which operates a regional network of boiler networks.

The grant is intended for two purposes:

Bath Power grant is awarded annually and is intended to provide heating for approximately 1,500 households at a cost of £1.05m (approximately £2.30 a week). The fund was established to support the provision of a large-scale community electricity network to cover the majority of the population of the North East of England.

The grant has been funded on an annual basis, which has resulted in a considerable cost decline.

The first full year of the scheme was for 2015/2016, with the second year to commence in 2016/2017.

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Are there other organisations involved in boiler grants?

The Bath Power Trust manages a regional utility, Bath Power Networks. The scheme was previously known as the Regional Gas Support Scheme, and it has previously offered a £2.15m subsidy for gas customers located in the South East of England.

In May 2014, the UK Government and the Bath Power Trust announced that funding will increase the monthly grant to £14.75/month for all those in the UK who wish to benefit from a local gas network. This includes people who do not currently have a local contract. There are no details on how the local network will be funded.

The scheme is currently run by the Thames Gas Board, an independent body, with further information available on TGB’s website.

How much money does Bath Power give out?

There is a £8m grant per year, which will go straight to the gas supplier, which is also responsible for the scheme. The amount available for each household is variable from year to year and may vary due to changes to the cost of gas or the impact

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