Can you buy a car with fafsa money? – Hardship Grants Provide You Fast Cash

Sure, you can buy a car which has been granted by the FAFSA.

How can an employer help me prepare a financial plan?

There is an IRS web page on financial planning which may help:

How do you register a company within the US?

You should register in the country of your incorporation or if the formation of the company has not been completed by this date.

Does the IRS send mail to your employer?

The IRS does not send mail to your employer.

Which forms are issued by the IRS regarding an individual’s income?

All the Forms for Individual Tax Returns are issued electronically from the IRS’ Web site at

What if I have an employer in multiple countries?

The individual tax return will not show my employer’s address and address information for the other countries. The individual tax return will show the name of the foreign address on which the individual resides and in the case of a business, if there is one.

I am not filing an H1-B visa on time. Can I get a H1-B visa?

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The H1-B visa is a temporary work visa allowing you to work for up to 30 days without a work permit. It is valid for six months from the date it is issued, although the work permit has to be renewed each time you work for the US. The fee is $120. The H1-B visa can also be used on an F1-B visa to work under an employer’s supervision for up to 60 continuous months. The visa is valid no later than six months from that of the application. The fee is $360. A temporary work permit may also be issued in lieu of an H1-B visa. The filing fee is $90. The H1-B visa is not renewable.

Is there a visa application on line at

There is. You need to apply at which will display a link for you to do it.

I am not eligible for an H1-B visa. Does that mean I will be ineligible for a Visa?

Nope. Just like an H1-B, you will need to go to You can also check your eligibility

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