Can you buy a car with fafsa money? – 7000 Government Grant

A car with free banking.

I’m an immigrant here right now. I want to go to the USA to pursue my dream, but right now my dream is in China and I don’t have the luxury to go to any of these places. What can you do? What resources are out there for me to come and to do it right? What is your plan? If I go to China and buy my own car, what will happen? What can my parents and my friends say to me after I buy my own car? They can’t come and support me? Or can they send me somewhere in the south or west? We’re in this for the long term and I can’t wait it to be over, so what is my plan now? Is there anybody else here who’s looking to do something similar?

You won’t be able to use these tools on your own for six weeks! We can’t afford to make this kind of investment when everyone else is saving up their money and investing in their own homes and doing it in the same fashion.

We are investing in the future of Hong Kong, and it will change the lives of a billion people.

USA Grant Applications : USA Grant Applications
We can only invest here.

Thank you!

Sachin Kambho


Hong Kong F2P Car Bank (HKFBC)

My business is based on a new idea to revolutionize lending in Hong Kong. We call the product HKF2Ps with the following features:

· No need to borrow from banks or other third party lenders.

· No additional cost of finance.

· No fixed monthly service fee.

· No monthly fee.

· No monthly loan repayments.

· No monthly interest.

· No monthly service loan repayments.

· No monthly service loan repayments.

· Cashless lending service.

· No interest on savings.

· No interest on investments.

· No monthly interest charge.

· No monthly bank account limit.

· No monthly deposit limit.

· No monthly deposit charge.

· No monthly service fee with no interest. We are currently in the process of setting up a test loan with the financial institutions in China to see how things work out. We are actively looking for partners and investors to expand our business. We aim to invest in the following areas:We can only invest here.Thank you!S

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