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You can use bitcoin for purchases with your Fidor bank card but you can’t transfer bitcoins to a bitcoin wallet. We have been working hard with all of our partners and our fafsa bank partners to provide as seamless a transaction as possible while still being able to support bitcoin.

“Bitcoin has the potential to revolutionize the way we buy everything from cars to food. I’m excited about the possibilities for the next generation of online commerce. We are proud to continue our partnership with fafsa. We have the utmost confidence that they will continue to have a positive impact on bitcoin while working with our bank partners to make bitcoin transactions available to those around the world.”

“I cannot imagine a bitcoin-enabled computer without the world’s biggest bank – there aren’t many companies with that kind of reach and support.”

What about the UK?
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The UK’s fafsa partners have already signed up to bitcoin but the fafsa bank will only enable bitcoin transactions if the merchant supports the new service using fafsa’s mobile phone number. Merchants who want bitcoin on a fafsa card for payments will need to contact the banking partner.

What do other exchanges have to offer Fidor?

In addition to the US exchange we are in partnership with, the Australian exchange CoinMama, the Czech exchange Bitnami, and the Japanese exchange BNB. In addition, we plan to enable merchant adoption by enabling them to accept bitcoin as well.

Bitcoin payments are handled through bitcoin wallet apps for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. The fafsa customer experience team has worked with several bitcoin businesses to build apps they can use to support both payments and online shopping.

What about PayPal?

We have implemented the PayPal payment processor and payment gateway service and we’ve created a simple, yet secure checkout process that will allow users to easily buy bitcoin. However, the majority of our current customers still want to purchase bitcoin on their mobile devices which is why we are still offering in-app transactions in the app.

What is Fidor?

Fidor is a bank that is committed to bitcoin and its technology.

We are a bank which focuses on financial innovation in the payments industry, which we do by designing and implementing cutting-edge technologies to support bitcoin.

Fidor was founded in February 2011 as a private institution and has been based in Frankfurt since March 2014. We take our banking and payments services as seriously as we do

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