Can I use fafsa money for a laptop? – Federal Government Grants Solutions Applications

YES – please pay us a flat rate of £30. This covers the cost with any credit card you use or a PayPal account, but you can’t do this for cash. You will need to provide payment details via the link found on the website. We will not be responsible for any lost or stolen funds as there is no guarantee of receiving more currency. You may also decide it is the first time you are using a currency, and this is acceptable too.

This option is great if you want to check around the UK first to try out some of our different currencies – in the unlikely event that you get outbid on something, you can come back to this site and we’ll pay you for it. Please note: this service is not available in all territories around the world; please make sure that you’ve added your bank details to your shopping basket to ensure that everything is accurate before making use of this service.

What do I get for my first deposit?

You get a flat rate of £1 for the first £500 (equivalent to £50,000).

If your first deposit is £50 (or more), you will get a bonus equal to 5% of the deposit, in addition to the flat rate.

Any deposit over the first 500 will be returned to your account automatically, no more than 60 days later. The initial deposit is required because it is essential that no transactions are made between us before the end of your order. You will receive this credit once your order has arrived at our warehouse.

What happens if the amount of cash doesn’t cover the cost of the item?

Any cash on hand is refunded when we have met the costs of that item.

I want to pay by credit card, do I still need to pay a flat rate of £30 after I’ve made a deposit?

No – the flat rate covers the cost of your purchase. Please note that this includes the cost of postage, packing and insurance. A credit card fee of £3.95 applies to each transaction that exceeds £100. The flat rate of £30 covers this cost. Please note if you have a credit card for more than £150 you will be charged an additional £3.95.

Can I pay in Euros using PayPal?

There is no fee at the time of placing your order at our warehouse. You should note that you will be charged a 2% surcharge on all currency made payable from non-European Union

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