Can I get a free boiler if I receive PIP? – Grants Workspace Login

No. The free boiler offers a limited number of units at a reduced monthly service charge. We are unable to accept pre-purchase payments.

How many units can I get from PIP?

Any two (2) boiler rentals at the PIP rate of US$10,000 per month for a 2 year term, or US$5,000 per month for a 3 year term. It is NOT possible to rent more than 6 units per calendar year.

Who is eligible for free boiler rental?

Any single family or multi family dwelling unit with residential heating as defined in the Regulations of The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

What is the maximum number of units I can rent from PIP?

Maximum number of units at the PIP Rates and service charges:

1 Units – US$9,000 (US$2,500) for a 7 year term

2 Units – US$10,000 (US$3,500) for a 7 year term

3 Units – US$12,000 (US$4,835) for a 7 year term

4 Units – US$12,000 (US$4,835) for a 7 year term

5 Units – US$15,000 (US$7,895) for a 7 year term

6 Units – US$15,000 (US$7,895) for a 7 year term

7 Units – US$16,000 (US$8,495) for a 7 year term

8 Units – US$16,000 (US$8,495) for a 7 year term

9 Units – US$17,000 (US$9,295) for a 7 year term

10+ Units – US$18,000 (US$10,495) for a 7 year term

How can I rent a unit through PIP?

When you place your application on the Residential Tenancy Web Page you will be assigned a boiler room location. The system will also generate a request for payment via echeck or credit card. Your boiler room location must be within the jurisdiction of the RCMP. To be eligible for a boiler room, a unit must have been rented before, and it must have also been rented under the RCMP’s residential tenancy regulations.

How would I know if my unit is suitable for renting through PIP?

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