Can I get a free boiler if I receive PIP? – Government Grants For Schools

In order to receive a free boiler, you must complete a payment and return your order before the promotional period ends.

How do I place a bulk order?

You can place bulk orders by calling (844) 527-0883.

What is the difference in bulk and retail packaging?

Both bulk orders contain 1 or 2 units and retail orders only contain 1 part.

Is there an extra shipping charge?


Can I exchange the machine?


Do you offer gift cards?


Can I pay in advance?

It is preferred you pay on or before your first delivery. You can pay on the day. If this is not possible, please call with your order number as soon as possible along with the number you want it shipped to.

For most products, $15 is required and we don’t allow you to pay in advance.

What if I don’t receive my items?

If you order items for return or exchange and are not 100% satisfied, we can process returns in the same manner as when the order was made. You do not need to purchase a return label to have your return forwarded.

Return and Exchange Policy

All products are returned with no obligation, provided we receive your return items during normal business hours only for our customers’ satisfaction. Any return items received after hours are subject to the customer’s credit card company. Returns returned after business hours incur a 10% processing fee and all shipping costs. Please be advised you may be charged a shipping fee if applicable.

How to Read a Printable Name Label for a Vehicle

You can buy a label here at Print a label or have a friend make one. You can also get a sticker or name plate on your license.

Print a Label for Your Car (or Your Car’s Passenger Side)

If you don’t want to get someone else to create your name label, you can just make a copy of this page.

Car Owners License (PDF)

If you don’t have a license plate, you can save paper by printing this. You will need the license number and expiration date.

Car Name Label

Print a name label or have a friend put one on your vehicle.

New Name Labels

To order a new name label for a vehicle with the same or related name, please use

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