Why is it called a flapper dress? – Images Of 1920S Flapper Dresses

How about a flapper top? Are you a flapper?

Let’s break it down…

A Brief History of the Flapper Dress

The history of the flapper dress goes back even further than you might think–to the 1800s.

In the 1800s dresses for formal occasions like the wedding and christening became popular as the fashionable dress wore out.

There were many variations, including dresses with necklines, or “petticoats”, and “womans” dresses. Some even came with necklaces.

In the 1800s in many parts of the world women wore colorful dresses to make their looks more striking.
History of Women's 1920s Fashion - 1920 to 1929 | Glamour Daze

The flapper dress became popular in Japan, where it became the formal look for a young bride or groom.

At first it was quite a big deal–even the Japanese had no idea what these dress were.

However, eventually it started to show up in other regions–especially in Europe where dress codes and regulations had also loosened up.

Today you’ll find flapper dresses everywhere.

I Love the Flapper Dress

The flapper dress is quite simple…but very chic.

It has a high neckline, full sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, and a high hemline–and lots of it! It is flattering, comfortable, and pretty without being overwhelming.

There are different types of the flapper dress–some with sleeves, some without. But they are all lovely and unique.

I’ve been wearing one since my wedding and can honestly say it’s the best dress I ever had.

The style was made for spring–light, and easy to wear. Just make sure you wear it for the right occasion.

The necklines are both easy to wear and really make the dress pop.

Not to mention, the back is pretty and a little extra is a bonus.

Some dresses come with lots of additional details like a high belt.

You never actually need them–but I like them.

The only thing I wouldn’t get on the flapper dress is a waist that’s much big…it looks really silly on most modern day tops and dresses.

It’s fine if you’re comfortable with the small size, but this is something I would recommend to avoid if you’re in a larger size.

The key to a smooth wear is to wear these dresses in the evening with no accessories.

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