Why is it called a flapper dress? – Flapper Head Dresses Images

We’re going to be back with the original and original’s best.

What do you call an Australian fashion designer?

An Australian fashion designer is someone with a great sense of style.

Who invented that phrase ‘Aussie style’?

I think it comes from the 18th century. We didn’t have a very strong fashion in Australia, so they named it after a woman in Sydney, who did a lot of work for Queen Victoria.

So you’ve got the history right, but the clothing has changed.

Yes, so the original clothing is very simple and very traditional.

The original flapper dress was just a skirt without a bodice, but the name was changed to something more contemporary.

What do you know about the Australian fashion industry?

Probably the most successful fashion designer in Australia is the famous Australian fashion designer, John Galliano.

He has created something really spectacular in Australia.

The flapper dress is an idea that’s been around since 18th century Australia. It’s always been a small outfit, without a body. A very simple clothing, that’s very low-volume to make money.

A traditional Australian dress, made of cotton and linen, but still very sophisticated and beautiful and simple.

The flapper dress is all about putting an Australian fashion designer in a very big place in Sydney.

But now people are able to buy the clothes here because they have got a lot of money.

You say the flapper dress is an idea that’s been around since 18th century Australia. Has it changed over time?

It’s very hard to imagine that it is just something that just came out of the mind of this person.

It’s all about making your own ideas and using them yourself to express that.

If you look at the history of Australia, it’s not possible.

Australia began in 1848. It was a small nation in Australia for a long time.

Now it’s got a very big economic and political presence in Asia. That’s why we have something with the flapper dress.

We have an established way of doing things in Australia and we need more of those ideas.

It’s the same in Asia. There are many cultures around the world that are very different from us.

This is a really important cultural clash so I think that’s why people are more engaged in the debate about the flapper dress.

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