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It has no meaning, it doesn’t have to be a word of any type. It just means ‘a person that doesn’t do anything very well,’ as such.”

So there you go. The most basic definition of a bob does not have to have any meaning – it just means “not able to do a thing very well.”

The word ‘Bob’ is often shortened to simply ‘Bob’ – and you may find that you just want it to spell out ‘Bob’ once and for all. The word is commonly also shortened to ‘Bob’s’ or ‘Bob’s.’

Some say that we have evolved the word “Bob’s.”

But this is an old fashioned joke. To my way of thinking, I think that Bob’s is just as American as ‘Joe’s’ or ‘Jack’s’ or ‘Jack’s.’

A group of more than 60 professors at the University of Maryland have signed a petition calling on the Maryland General Assembly to pass legislation allowing students to carry firearms on campus.

The petition, which was signed by 60 professors at the university, was created by students on Facebook in conjunction with the Open Carry March on campus on 4/21. It reads in part:

We will never be the same as the student and university alike. This day of liberation will always be remembered and celebrated. We will not let this day be used to oppress and discriminate against a segment of our own students. We will not be used as a tool of those who would enslave us. We have the same rights and freedoms as any other person at this University. We will continue to stand behind our Second Amendment rights just as we fought our way to freedom.

According to The Baltimore Sun, a university spokesman confirmed to the paper that the letter was sent on Thursday, four weeks after the Open Carry March.

Several campuses in other states have already passed campus carry laws, including Georgia, Arizona, Kentucky, Ohio, and Texas. The move began after a gunman opened fire in Florida’s Umpqua Community College in Roseburg in October.

Other states have been slow to enact similar legislation, but a bill to allow universities to regulate guns on campus is currently moving through the Indiana legislature.

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The “No Fly Zone on Syria” meme is just so incredibly wrong – and so obviously a hoax.

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