Why are the 1920s called the Roaring Twenties? – Buy Vintage Costumes

The reason is actually quite simple. If you take out the period when Germany was at war and starts at the beginning of the 20th century we get something totally different. We end up with the same numbers, we start out at the same point, we start with the same time, we start with the same numbers of deaths, and we end with the same number of people going to work, but the population is 1.2 million more. That’s pretty much the whole story.”


On Italy’s war and the Great Depression — “There are two different phases in the relationship between a government and its citizens. The first is the ‘war years’, which are the years when the government is not at war. So during the second phase between 1920 and 1939 there is a war economy. It is the period of unemployment in which the government is spending money and unemployment increases. There are all sorts of difficulties in the relationship. But what is actually important is that when the government is not at war, what is the policy towards the economy? If you want to go into that period you can go as far as the depression. The depression was quite bad, very bad, but it was a very short period. You had a lot of spending, the balance of payments were much weaker, and it is not the type of economy you want to go into when unemployment is at its peak.”

On why Europe hasn’t developed as a single society

“It is not that it is a very bad society with a bad government. It is much better-off in comparison with Asia and some Eastern countries, but it is something that is really not an easy question to answer, especially given the complexity of other countries, to what extent this is due to the size of the states. Even in modern Europe there is no question of a single state. To this day many states have more than one. In fact you can’t count Europe in the European Union. The states within the European Union are almost like countries within a state. There are some countries that are independent but they certainly don’t have all these problems, and there are still countries that are very close.”

On the rise and fall of the Communist parties in Germany — “We had a lot of trouble because the Communist parties in Germany had a very big following, and this was partly because there are very few Communists in Germany. They had just gone through the war and this was very much at their backs. When we had a problem with Communism, we had to

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