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One of the most famous actresses of Hollywood? One of the most admired film directors? One of the most popular cartoonists? These are all things I could not know.

Perhaps the most famous, in my mind, is Clara Bow in the film adaptation of “The Seven-Per-Cent Solution,” which was based in part on the real life story of Maria Sharapova — the great, old Australian tennis player. Bow spent nearly a quarter century as an illegal immigrant, which is to say that she was caught in a borderless American nation in a sense. She was able to get a high school education, but only after a very long delay. She then moved to Los Angeles, where she became a film star.

Clara Bow has been famous since the 1930s and the first photos had appeared in magazines a decade before she was born. But she became famous not because of her achievement, but because people like the great film director, Orson Welles, took a shine to her and made a movie out of her. So when Clara arrived in Hollywood, she could play “Maria Hill” and have it be her best movie, even if she wasn’t really that good. In The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, played by Clara Bow on screen, Maria is very much the object of love, and she’s quite beautiful and has a lot of great stories to tell. But her life as an illegal immigrant was one too many tales of her own life, and as Clara’s career soared she grew resentful of the immigrants she had left behind, for various reasons.

For instance, Clara was born in Australia to a Greek father and an Italian mother, who were both born to Sicilian parents. In the 1950s, Australia had a program that allowed the country’s Italian-Americans to emigrate to the U.S. for work purposes. Clara’s father, a prominent Italian businessman, did just that, and, as he moved his family across the ocean, she’s one of the only Italians in the world she knows. She was also never one to shy away from a good story arc; she played the lead in a number of films about the Italian-American experience: The Black Dahlia (1960); I Don’t Care Whether I Survive (1952); In the Company of Angels (1954); and The White Rabbit (1954).

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In another movie Clara plays the lead in, a young boy who has been abandoned by his mother and left to fend for himself. Clara’s character

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