Who made the flapper dress? – Roaring 20’S Plus Size Flapper Dresses

Where is this flapper dress? (Laughter)

(On television) There are no flappers. They have no use for clothes. There are just girls and boys.

(On why the film didn’t get picked up) Well that’s because it’s the opposite of a flapper. In the movie there are no women. Everybody is dressed as a girl.

(On not being picked up) Oh, they don’t know how to get the pictures. They didn’t think it would be so good that a picture should only be one female. There were two girls and two boys in each picture. There were two girls in this picture. That shows the directors. They are so clever that they made me the third character. (Laughter) I am the third character, and the second girl in the picture is the fifth girl.

(On how women became film stars with the advent of the studio system) Oh well, I’m glad the picture has gone through the studio system.

(On why he doesn’t like the sound of the movie) I’m not a music fan. But it isn’t like the music I really love, so they cut me out of the film.

(On his childhood) My mother loved me, and my father loved me. They did not like that I was not a nice child. I remember once going to the dentist, and having his patient put a knife in my foot to make me clean it, and having my mother say — he said: “It’s so good you’ll never clean it like that.” (Laughter)

(On being named after the English singer-songwriter) Yes, I’m named after a singer-songwriter. That is my great interest.

(On the first time he was called ‘Mossy’) That is the name that my mother made me. I mean, if I were called “Mossy” for all I knew… I had been “Mossy” all my life. You know, I’m one of those mongrel folk – just another boy from the bush. (Laughter)

(On his mother) That is the beauty of motherhood. She could see the trouble in me every day. I mean I felt real little. She said: “You’re going to be a great big girl someday and then you’re not so little. You’ll be a little person.” And that’s exactly what’s happened. (Laughter)

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