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Dana White, and she probably deserved the title. She’s got a good look, she’s got a great voice, and she’s got all the right attributes to be an icon. I think that’s definitely the most famous woman flapper, probably. And then it’s definitely pretty much an international category so I’d say the top three are the Brits, Miss Colombia, and the French and the Russians.

Do you talk to her about this?

Yes I do. I think she’s actually, since she started the brand, I was pretty quiet because I was thinking, “There’s no way she’d speak to me if it was just for an interview.” So that’s one of those things I really wish I had done earlier on in doing her stuff. She’s very cool and she just wants the truth. [I wanted her to speak candidly for her debut album, The Next Chapter.] A lot of people feel like if you’re a flapper you have to go through a pretty harsh life.

You mentioned in one of your interviews that you’d like to do a book sometime.

I think there are stories to tell in my story. I think the book would be really fun, because I had a very difficult time growing up in the US, but there’s a lot of stuff I learned from my mom and my grandparents that helped me. I think a lot of her stuff is so fascinating. My grandmothers always had a lot of influence. Like I learned a lot from my mom about her faith at a young age, through movies and TV shows and books. I think I feel a lot of that.

You mentioned the influence of your grandmothers, but have you also had the same influence?

The same amount of influence as my grandma, but different. One of the coolest things for me is that I can relate to the women I talk to as having a similar background to mine. When I was growing up, my grandma was a doctor and I was very much her type, and I think my mother has the same kind of background.

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When I’m in meetings and talking to celebrities, I’ll always ask them if they have any sisters or siblings that were women of color. I hear the name Cynthia Johnson, and I always want to ask, “So what does this woman look like?” Because I’m sure it sounds ridiculous how common it is for white women, especially in the US, to be portrayed as having such a dark, dark

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