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The most famous flapper is not the greatest flapper… It’s not a flapper. It’s… [She gets up to dance around the table] It’s Joan Crawford!

How do you get a new puppy? From birth, puppies are often raised indoors all day.

It’s been 10 years since I had my first puppy and I’ve learned that, on average, it takes roughly a year for a dog to get used to life in the world outside. It could also be a year before they’re ready to go outside, and then another one for their new home. That’s why one of my first questions on our first date was:

Do you have the keys to your house?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t know about that. Now that I do, you can be pretty confident that your next puppy will have it.

But how? How do you get your new puppy to know where to find food? Where to find shade? How to find friends? What to find when you’re out hunting? It’s easy to get lost. But a puppy doesn’t know anything except how to bark, and bark, and bark! To make this process as fun as possible, I’ve put together this puppy-proof step-by-step guide.

This guide won’t make you look like a puppy-perfect detective, but it will make it easier for you to go hunting with your new best friend.

Step 1: Give Your Puppy An Immediate “Hey”

The first thing you need to do is give your puppy a “hey” – something that has to do with you and makes him feel like he’s in a good place. If you have a cat, you can give your puppy another “cat.”

To start with, I recommend giving your puppy this simple treat.

I call it a “Puppy-nip” – a “nip” that you put in her mouth. This is a very gentle, non-threatening way to remind your puppy where it’s okay to play.

You can also give him the same treat that you give a cat, but with a different name – like her name: Cookie. That way, your puppy doesn’t get confused between her and the real Cookie.

You just have to tell your puppy about your name on the first day.

If you have some other treats, use a different name for each.

Give a little “hey

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