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The answer is Betty White! She was the model for one of the most famous models ever; she was the “Queen of Pop” back in the 1940s through the 1970s until her death in 2003. And she was famous, famous, famous.

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Did you know that Betty White was known for her ability to keep up with people like Jackie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosalynn Carter, Michelle Obama, and Oprah Winfrey? She was considered the queen of flappers with the ability to “keep up with” everyone, and you have to be very talented and very kind to make it in flapping.

Did Betty keep up with all of the top celebrities?

Betty was a very smart, very outgoing woman and she had some of the best girlfriends, friends, spouses and associates out of any person I know. Although she had many lovers, I’m willing to bet most of Betty’s “loves” didn’t even know she was a flapper!!

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Was Betty a famous flapper or an idol?

Betty White was known as a big star in Hollywood and she did everything she could to break into the movie business. She spent many years in the Hollywood studios, but she finally broke into the movies by being the first woman who was really successful in the making of a Hollywood film. She had been a famous actress throughout her life, and she had a great and successful career.

Did Betty White lose her popularity after she changed from wearing dresses to flapper dresses?

Did Betty White lose her popularity because she became an advocate of female liberation? Or because she was accused of stealing her famous friends?

Did Betty White lose her popularity because you didn’t want to admit to being a flapper, or because you didn’t want Betty White in the movie “Little Shop of Horrors”?

To summarize:

Betty White was known for her talent and good looks, and in that she was a woman that many men liked. She wanted to be “the woman” which led to her being criticized for her “unconventional” ways.

Because of the backlash, Betty White became famous for her “flam” lifestyle and became the “Queen of Pop”, which meant that she became a symbol of what was deemed the flapper lifestyle.

Betty White became a symbol of what women’s empowerment is

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