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She’s probably Carrie Bradshaw! You could be next!

The only thing that I want to add is a link to the book I’m writing about the history of the Republican party. I haven’t had all the time I’ll need to complete it because I will be writing a book soon on the Republican National Committee and it will be published very soon. We’ll have that in a couple of months. I think it’s very good. I recommend it very highly.

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I want to say I think that the idea of the Republican party is that we want to move it away from being the party of free market capitalism and toward the party that’s going to be able to get people’s votes, bring jobs back from China and other nations and to stand and be part of an inclusive society which will be able to help get our country to the point where that the children’s books we love so much will have no more racist and sexist references.

When I first went to college, people used to say to you, “That’s not what you went to college for”? And when they said it, you were like, “Oh, come on, that’s the wrong idea. It doesn’t work out that way.”

If you had a little bit of an education, there was no such thing as “no politics.” Politics was a way for people to express their views, their views on the world, their beliefs, or their prejudices. We’ve lost that because we’ve moved to be an elite party. It’s been pretty remarkable with what the president’s done.

I think it’s important to remember that most of the great presidents were members of the New Deal coalition. I think the New Deal coalition was the people who believed the government should take care of you. And I think that’s where the party was going to go. And this is all the president’s fault, because he hasn’t understood the need for government. He has created a political environment in which it’s not a part of a democratic form of government, where it’s more of a vehicle for the rich to become even more obscenely rich.

If you see these guys in the news these days, look at [Republican National Committee chairman] Reince Priebus, [Republican Senator] Cory Gardner, and what they’re doing to their party.

I would rather see Republicans who embrace the American spirit of individualism than people who embrace the political and social ideology of the last 200 years. I understand, you know: That

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