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You may have forgotten, but I’m not quite sure I ever remembered. It certainly wasn’t the one you were wearing on the day you had an accident and you were taken to a hospital. So I’m afraid we’ll never know.”

“What year is your hair now?” Harry asked, trying to remember the year he turned his head.

“Oh dear. I guess it’s one of my very favorite seasons. Do you think its really hot today?”

“Yes,” Harry said, “It’s a hot summer morning. Are there any clouds over the north and east of England? Do you think they’re actually looking down at you?”

“Yes,” Flitwick said.

“So what do you think Harry?”

“Oh dear,” Harry said again, “It’s getting dark and its getting very hot and very humid. Do you think it’s a very good summer so far?”

“Of course,” Flitwick said. He waved his wand about the room. “What do you think? Have you ever gone to a summer party? What does it feel like to be a part of something special?”

“Oh, I can’t decide. Can I have a drink with you Flitwick? It would be a great chance to talk about summer,” Harry said and then a look flashed over to Flitwick that looked like the look a father would give a child who was having a very hard time.

“You know, just what kind of special time would you like Flitwick to be a part of, Harry Potter?” Flitwick asked as he rose from his chair.

“Well, you wouldn’t have to worry about me having a cold,” Harry said and then a smile was there. He didn’t feel a cold, or a headache, or any of the other symptoms Flitwick was giving off. He felt… he felt pretty happy.

“It’s all right, I think I have the time for just a little chat with you.” Flitwick said to him. He walked over to him and stood by his side. “I’m afraid that we wouldn’t be able to be too long with just a cup of tea, would we Flitwick?”
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“A little chat won’t be too bad, Harry Potter,” Flitwick said. He took Harry’s hand and turned him around so that Harry was facing him. “I want you to tell me what it feels like to

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