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That America must be made great again and that all of the country’s problems can be solved through greater integration and less separation.

“It’s a message that resonates not only in the South but across the country,” says Robert A. Schlesinger Jr. of the Southern Poverty Law Center. “If the flapper is the girl with the bangs, then all the white girls are beautiful.”

And that notion persists.

“They are very smart,” said Barbara DeMarco, an Atlanta radio talk show host. “But these are young, impressionable young girls. They are taught that if you want your mother to appreciate you, to show her you are a woman, you do not have to accept everything she tells you. They are young. They need to be told by their mothers that they are equal and deserving of what they are getting.”

As the girls of the flapper era were getting their message across, their older brother Sam, later elected mayor of Atlanta, was getting his message across in the form of public service, serving in the Georgia legislature when he was just 16.

Sam told his father, James DeMarco, in the late 1930s that he wanted to attend Harvard University with both the ambition to become president and the good grades to keep up with the rising college numbers. “Sam,” his father said to him, “if you marry a girl who is a good singer, she’ll give you a good grade. But don’t marry and become a doctor. Don’t go to Harvard.”

Sam was already enrolled in high school when his parents divorced. James and Barbara agreed that he would take his first job in politics when he reached 18, when two men would have to fight off the boys who would be his neighbors. “Sam” was called the flapper at the time, but he was born in the city of Atlanta; his name would be Samuel, not “Sam.”

“He’d never been to Harvard,” said his father, who would later marry. “He just knew the system.”

Sam’s childhood was an unhappy one. The year he turned 15, James divorced Barbara and married a nurse. Their only child, Sam, had never been brought up to fear either his father or mother.

The DeRicos lived in a little house in the middle of Atlanta’s residential heart, a block short of a hospital. “Sam” was raised in a family of tough-talking, hard-working men — “Sam

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