What shoes go with a flapper dress? – Etsy Great Gatsby

The classic pair that just says “flapper.” (The heels make the dress look more like a skirt.)

The best-fitting shoes for flapper dresses

A good, low-top pair of flats go very well with flapper dresses, as they’re the ideal shape for a feminine, airy silhouette.

A good pair of flats goes good with a flapper dress. Image: flapper.com.

The best pairs of heels: The most important thing you need when deciding the best pair of heels for flapper dresses is that you find the right one with the right silhouette.

The perfect heels for flapper dresses

You must pay attention to the heels as much as you do the dress.

The best heels for flapper dresses make you feel really cool.

The best pairs of heels for flapper dresses make you feel like a princess.

The best heels have an air of sophistication. Image: flapper.com.

The perfect pair of heels always come in a nice pair of heels. Even great-fitting flats should always look great when paired with a good pair of high heels.

The best heels in all of flapper dresses. Image: flapper.com.

The best heels work with any kind of dress, or any kind of outfit. These are some of the best heels in all of flapper dresses, with one exception: the black-framed heels.

The best-fitting shoes for flapper dresses

As you look for more specific details, it’s easier to pair the right shoes for your flapper dress.

It’s OK if you find some nice heels at the mall—but they’re not the best.

For more information on the best shoes for flapper dresses, check out our guide to high heels and slippers.

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