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We like you a lot, babe.” —Jada Pinkett Smith

7-3) The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

What is the origin of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance? His “sketches” are “the product of one of the most bizarre and confusing adventures of a professional criminal, as well as an American icon.” —Nancy Gibbs

7-4) The Man Who Wasn’t There

Who was The Man Who Wasn’t There? He was the son of “Hollywood’s most prolific serial killer” and “the most feared man in the United States of America.” According to the Wikipedia (yes, Wikipedia) page, he was killed in 1972 in “Los Angeles.” He was in fact shot and killed in 1974, just two years before his birth (1947). What about his father? Why doesn’t his father ever get mentioned in the show? Do they still care about his son, and could they find him? —Jena Friedman

7-5) A Bunch of Crap

When you’re the host of this show from one of the top slots on cable television, it’s natural to go on the radio and play your show on the AM frequency. In fact, The Wire, which aired its first episode in 2002, aired at 5 o’clock, and had a regular host on the 5 o’clock slot as well. And of course, you need one more for each week and three guest speakers. But what happens if you suddenly get a new “favorite” host each week? The Wire featured its show host on the 8 o’clock slot for a total of three years and a guest speaker each week for three months. That’s three hours (at least) per week of solid programming that they probably never even watched.

7-6) The One With the Guy Who Wasn’t There

What’s interesting is that The Wire did not feature anyone from the past who was in any way related to the current show host. Sure, that’s the way you have to do it with a show like this (and you should), but you’d think that a show like this one would have a chance to have a character that you feel was not meant to be in the show. It also might be because that person, who we could assume is named “Kevin,” doesn’t actually make it back to the show? But the reality is: Kevin was killed in 1994, right before The Wire aired. Why would

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