What kind of coats did flappers wear? – Youth Girls Flapper Dress Costumes

The flappers, or flap-dancing girls, wore colorful wool and linen costumes with fur-lined coats and gloves, and their favorite coat was the “Papillon”—a light-colored coat covered by a short, long wool cloak, which was often worn with their pom- pacs.

Where was a flapper typically seen in the day?

There were two most common types of flapper in New York City. One was a tall, muscular woman wearing a white shawl covering nearly all of her face except her eyes. These flappers were most often seen in theaters of entertainment and were most likely accompanied by a man dressed very simply and in formal attire, possibly even in a fur-lined coat; an elegant, white-blond wig; and a white hat with a black top hat.

The other type of flapper could be a short, dark-haired woman who often had a pair of black, square-rimmed spectacles, a wide-brimmed hat, and a bright scarf; a dress of light gray or bluish-gray, with black buttons, a narrow skirt, and white or ivory stockings; dark-colored gloves; and a long, soft shawl or a wide, white fur-lined coat.

What is believed to be the best representation of a flapper in film history, is an image of a man standing in a street on a winter night, looking at a large crowd of people waiting outside of a club. In this photo, the man is wearing a black suit over a white shirt, a light-colored hat that has been cut off to reveal a blue collar and a light-colored tie. He is holding a woman in his arms as if they were dancing. (Note: Flappers dressed in fur coats sometimes wore their hair in a bun. In addition to carrying one or more pom- pacs, the flapper typically wore a large pair of fur-lined shoes with no socks or stockings. In some cases, a fur coat might also have a hat, or be rolled up and sewn on.)

What did the flapper’s dress look like?

The flapper’s most popular outfit was her pom-pakka. This coat had a full black coat that was cut and lined; it was sometimes embellished with embroidery, black trim, or other designs.

The top of a puff-coat, or a hat, could

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