What is Marcelled hair? – Sparkly Flapper Skirt

Marcelled hair is a type of hair color typically used by the upper classes and aristocrats of Renaissance and Victorian England. These colors in their natural state were called ‘hueys’, while the ‘pink’ variety was called ‘pinks’.

They did not necessarily have to have a rose and/or violet hue.

It wasn’t uncommon to apply a purple rose on red-colored hair and a violet hue on white-colored hair, for example.

It’s best to avoid applying a pink hue on hair that is not dark enough, as you could end up with a ‘pink streak’.

Although Marcelled hair was only popular during the last half of the 18th century, it was used by both sexes until the end of the 20th century.

It was mainly worn off-brimmed hats, especially the ones in the 18th and 19th century.

A similar form of Marcelled hair, called the ‘wavy’ and ‘cascade’ variations, was worn in a wide variety of places, including the military.

In fact, you might see more purple-red Marcelled hair in the military than black:

Marcelled hair was popular among aristocrats

Matching Marcelled hair with other colors is a popular tradition among the well-heeled.

The Marcelled hair worn in the fashion shows is a perfect example of the purple-red Marcelled hair style.

The same hair was worn for many years by fashion models as well:

Although purple-red Marcelled hair was worn all over England and its colonies, it was mostly worn in the British colonies.

It was also sometimes made by women for men.

Because white-colored hair wasn’t allowed in the royal courts, the best hair color option was usually blue or purple.

There was no such requirement for hair colors for the upper class.

When it was worn by the aristocracy, it was either ‘wavy’ or ‘pink’.

Because of how much people used it, it has been said that ‘wavy’ Marcelled hair was the most common form of hair color in the 18th century and ‘pink’ Marcelled was the second most common.

As we’ve already seen, purple-red Marcelled hair was so popular that even if the color didn’t appear on the pictures, it was commonly found

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