What is Marcelled hair? – Flapper Dress Plus Size Floor Length

When you look at a Marcelled hairstyle they usually look more or less like this…
Or, you can even imagine…
I think I’ll just leave it at that.
I think I’m going to buy a hat for Christmas…
What did you have planned to do while in college?
Well, I’m going to make Marcelled hair and I’m going to give it to a local woman and we’ll get to work making her head look like a fish!  (laughs)
What do you wear in your Marcelled hairstyle nowadays?
It depends on how you look at it. If you see the Marcelled hairstyle on me, I don’t really like wearing it, but if I see one on my mom or someone else, I like to wear it.  I guess I’d like to do it in a different way that everyone can see, although I’m not going to wear it to work anyway.
Why do you say that your hairstyle, just like the haircut, doesn’t change with age?
The Marcelled hairstyle doesn’t change all that much.
I like things to look the same, so I think that means I don’t change too much.
When you’re young, the hair usually comes straight down from the head.  But if you grow out your hair a little, it might start to flatten out a little bit.  It’s just like a little bob or a small bob, and a little bit of a flatter or more wavy or slicked back.  Maybe you’ll have some curly hair.
You can always change it after you finish your period.
I’ve noticed that some girls think they don’t have any hair anymore, when they get old.  I just don’t understand that.
I want to say something about this, though…

How many types of hair do you have?
I get many different types of men’s hair now, I guess, with all the different varieties of skin colors that I get.  What kind of white and what kind of blue and blondes and brunettes are the most beautiful to men?  I think the most beautiful ones are the ones you’d call brunettes.
Why do you keep the headband?
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I think it’ll last for me forever.  I don’t see it as part of my wardrobe.  I keep it just to protect it.
If your mom

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