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The Marcelled Hair is a long strand of hair that grows out naturally from the top of the head, around and above the ears. When you have a Marcelled haircut, a “stub”, or a small loop of the hair, runs across your head between your brows. It looks like a pair of little pearls around your forehead. Your hair is not as thin as regular hair when cut from the top of your head to the nape of your neck, or to the roots of your hair (called “plait”). Some people call it “tweezing”, since it runs down your forehead to your cheek bone. In addition to a stub, hair can also fall into a clump, where it’s known as “mascara”. Marcelled hair was a popular hairstyle when it first started to be used in English fashion in 1920; some women cut their hair to show off their chest hair.

The Marcelled Hair originates from the hair of the mare, a member of the horse family, with characteristics of curly hair that is used as a protective protection during the breeding season because it makes her immune to cuts and burns.

The Marcelled haircut

The Marcelled Hair is a hairstyle that gives you an air of glamour that is usually reserved for men. The Marcelled hairstyle comes in many different styles and lengths depending on the kind of woman you are. I have seen different versions of the Marcelled Hair, some with a slight fringe, others with a full fringe, and others with no fringe.

To learn the different styles, see below!

The basic style

Marcelled hairstyles are made up of a full, smooth “plait” at the top, and a wide, straight strand of hair over that which runs right along the nape of the neck and above. There’s a part of the plait down your back and a part of it up your back, and the strands go down and left along your jawline.

I like to wear marced hair whenever I go out, even if I don’t wear a dress or shirt. Some girls like it on their face on special occasions like wedding nights.

The short style

There’s nothing wrong with having the hair cut short. It just looks nice. Short hairstyles work well for women with short hair on any sort of occasion.

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The short haircuts can be made by people in their

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