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It’s a little bit like what’s happening right now with Donald Trump. It’s a kind of weird thing, but it’s happening right now, and that’s OK.”

She also said, “I’ve lived in Paris for a while, and Paris is so beautiful. It’s a different animal than Manhattan now; Manhattan used to have a vibe because Manhattan was more liberal, but now they’re becoming more and more like San Francisco.”

And if you think she was joking, check out this photo. The author is being mugged by a guy with a gun.

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(ANIMAL FARM) A man walked into a Georgia farm and shot a cow and its calf.

Investigators said the man killed it and then took off the calf, believing it was still alive.

In another incident, the man left a man beaten in a room and returned later to beat him again.

The man then shot another person on two separate occasions.

Farm owner Joe Riddle had the two people lying and unconscious under the cows.

The man who shot them said it was accidental.
Ain't No Party Like a Roaring 20s Party – 80 Great Gatsby Outfits ...

The injuries were described as non life threatening.

I love these guys – I have been to their events and they are so excited. I am also on the lookout for my first event, so I can help this great group in building the world’s best dog park! It’s a lot of work, but with the love of a loving community everyone comes together to achieve greatness.

My dog can be my best friend, but I need help to make it happen.

The events I plan to host are not “dog friendly”. My dog has a bad track record and I am hoping you can help me get them to be a little bit less of a pain to the community!

Bishop Desmond Tutu has issued a powerful warning that a new generation of Africans who will be the victims of “genocide of the 20th Century” is already here.

He said that the continent is being “strangled with a poisoned needle”. “There are millions of people, Africans, who are victims of war and destruction and poverty and suffering. A generation later, as that population numbers into the tens of millions, we should not be surprised for them to fall prey to a very dark chapter in human history,” he added.

The 81-year-old who was a staunch supporter of the Nelson Mandela anti-apartheid movement has also called

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