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Petting parties for children during the 1920s were popular. They were called “pets” and were a way to express your affection towards your child. You took your child to one of these parties where they would sit on a picnic bench. Sometimes there were games. In the photos below, all the children are in the front as well as the girl in the back. Many children would come to these parties from all over the country. In addition, many of them came from immigrant families who would have come to the states, stayed and lived in the states so that they could come to the US or Canada. Below is an example of a petting party.

Many parents would be invited to this petting party. One would bring in a stuffed animal and then he put it inside the child. Some parents even brought in a dog. Children were told that the dog would take care of whatever they did, but it will be up to the dog. Children would come to the gathering in the hope that the dog would care for them. This type of behavior is called “petting” by the community at large as opposed to “abuse.”
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Below is an early photo with a man sitting on a picnic bench. He is looking at a stuffed animal. The man at the top of the image is sitting on a picnic bench with a stuffed animal.

Below is a photo from the time of an adult holding up the arms of an animal.

Below are examples of these petting parties.

Below is an example from the 1920’s. An elderly woman is sitting on a picnic bench, surrounded by many children. She is carrying a bundle of flowers and a pitcher of milk. She looks like she has had a long day at the farm. The adults are there too.

Below is an example from the 1920’s. She is holding a bundle of flowers and a pitcher of milk.

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