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A petting party is what I would call something that happens around the holidays and the holidays are right around the corner. I started petting parties when I was about 15 because I was trying to make a little money (it was all handouts) and I got the idea from this guy named Jerry. Now, he’s probably sitting in his trailer with a big, fat fat bowl full of mashed potatoes and steaks. That’s what he does most of the time.

My mom was living with me so her sister, Edith, was my best friend. She was all about family and having family around. I was just sort of around the block so they’d give us a ride. I had no family, only my sister and my friends. We were all a bit weird at that point I think. But the funny part is I had a friend, Bill, that got my attention. Bill and a couple of other people got me to watch the movie “A Christmas Carol” over and over and over again just to see if I liked it. As far as watching it. I did love it. It had a really good little ending. It was pretty funny and scary and weird. So I got my little brother over and my little sister and my friends, my cousins that lived on my street. We started petting each other and I started to find my friends from home were getting petted too, as far as I can remember. My friends called me a “stinker.” A stinker was a dirty person. We’re not talking about a normal dirty person. We’re just talking about dirty and naughty. Then my little sister, when I took her for a walk around with my cousins, she got petted a little too. A little bit of her foot came out the side of my shoe. It was like a very gross foot, it was a tiny bit like a rat.


What are these animals?
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I was at my brother’s one time and we went walking around the block with my family. I was sort of walking on a leash. We didn’t see any animals around. We were just walking side by side and I noticed this dog on the side of the street. I saw this dog laying a ball and he had his legs up and he was walking around. I looked to my right and a black cat was following him. He came by my brother’s yard. I looked to my right at him and I noticed this very tall big cat was hanging out

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