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There is still no word from the NCAA regarding any sanctions the university or the administration will face in terms of the recruiting scandal that rocked it back in January of 2015. At the time, Georgia also was facing a sanctions hearing on allegations of a “pile” of improper communications with athletes, a potential “bogus email breach” and a violation of Title IX law and the recruiting rules.

The hearing on those issues was originally scheduled to take place May 7 and was rescheduled several days later to May 31, allowing the NCAA enough time to review the situation since it was now a two-year investigation instead of a one-year investigation.

A spokesperson for Georgia confirmed to SBNation.com that both the original July 17, 2015, hearing and the hearing regarding the university’s response to “bogus email breach” that eventually led to a three-year probation for former Director of Marketing Chris Gannon and the former Director of Public Relations Mike Hall, were postponed to allow the NCAA’s investigation on the conduct in question to be completed.

However, the spokesperson stressed that “a hearing on sanctions” was not necessarily “a formal hearing into penalties for university officials” and, as such, it would not be “impinged upon by” the delay.

While no further comment was released following the deadline set by the NCAA (the hearing in question occurred on Sept. 1, 2015), Georgia officials are expected to offer one more statement regarding their response to the NCAA investigation by the end of this week or early next week. A release indicating the NCAA’s decision will follow as soon as later in the week or by Friday is expected.

The NCAA has announced sanctions for Georgia on two counts, including the violation of its NCAA bylaws by withholding information on the identity of an informant and its failure to promptly report allegations of wrongdoing to the NCAA. As a result of the penalties in both instances, Gannon, Hall and other key members of the university athletics committee were suspended from all university-related activities, a list that includes football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, track and field, swimming and diving, women’s tennis and swimming and diving, and women’s gymnastics and women’s cross country, among other sports.

The suspension for university officials is retroactive to the 2015-16 academic year, while G

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