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We often hear that women should wear a flapper style dress. While it is true that most women do this, there are some unique styles for flappers.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Tuesday argued in a federal court in Washington that Donald Trump’s Muslim ban was “not merely unlawful, but unconstitutional.”

“While this Executive Order bars entry of all qualified visa applicants — but we have a hard time picturing any other restrictions on entry” of Muslims, the group wrote in an amicus brief filed in the lawsuit challenging Trump’s executive order on the basis of religious discrimination.

“This Executive Order is in clear violation of the Establishment Clause and could impose a ‘strict scrutiny’ analysis that would have to lead the President not to order a religion-based immigrant suspension, as Trump has threatened.”

The ACLU submitted its arguments just hours after the Department of Justice (DOJ) told the Supreme Court that it would block the ban from going into effect.

The case concerns the ACLU’s challenge to Trump’s Muslim ban and a second attempt to impose a 90-day ban on the entry of citizens from six terror prone countries.

The Supreme Court’s announcement that it was going to block the ban from going into effect came after the federal government sent an emergency request to block the ban last week.

The ACLU on Monday sought to block the government from taking action on the ban until the court has given it time to analyze the government’s legal position. The court denied the emergency motion, which was filed on Tuesday.

For those who have been reading the site for a while and who are wondering about the future of The Great American Bazaar, here is my brief answer:

I’m doing a short blog post, which I plan to do weekly or so, about how people have been responding to the site/blog/twitter. You will be interested to know that I’ve reached out to some folks and got some interesting reactions.

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My short-term goal is to keep the site up and running smoothly and efficiently and to get it out to you guys in a way that is fair and informative so you can enjoy and contribute to it. My long term goal is to move the whole thing into another format, such as a magazine that could be sold or even an app and/or app store. I’m not as crazy about it for sure, but it would take a bit to get going.

So what’s happening right now?


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