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A flapper girl is a female who is either a model or a professional with good body proportions.A flapper girl might be from any part of the world. However, in the United States, the term has originated as a synonym for an American girl who is a ‘blond flapper.”A full-time professional model who has never attended school should not be called a ‘girl’, as this implies that she is a prostitute.If you are unsure whether you wish to be called a ‘girl’ or a ‘mistress’, ask yourself these questions:1. Are you a girl who likes wearing tight clothes or loose clothes? Or a sexy girl who likes to show off her cleavage and butt? Or do you like to run around and dance like a crazy woman? Or do you just think that people would have a hard time believing you are having an active sex life when you are dressed the way you are?2. Are you a girl who likes to talk with people or talk to herself? Or do you prefer not to talk with people? Or do you enjoy talking over people and having lots of conversations? Or do you just like to listen? Or do you like to read? Or do you like to dance and laugh? Or do you have some other sort of interests you would like to go on about? Or do you enjoy playing videogames and watching cartoons? If you answered yes to any of these questions and do not wish to be called a girl, you might wish to rethink your options.
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Image copyright AFP Image caption The new airport in Dubai will be built by a Chinese state-owned enterprise

The Chinese government has unveiled plans for a high-tech airport near the Indian Ocean city of Dubai, in a bid to boost trade between the two countries.

Dubai and Mumbai plan to build “Silk Road 2.0” via the construction of airport in Sheikh Zayed Road (ZAR) city.

China aims to increase bilateral trade by nearly five times by 2023.

The UK welcomed the plan.

Earlier this week, an international team of Chinese executives were reported to have arrived in Britain to discuss future partnership plans, including China’s involvement in the planned high-speed rail line.

The announcement on Wednesday marks the second attempt by the two countries to get a foothold in Dubai.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The Chinese government hopes to increase trade between the two countries

Earlier this week, a French newspaper reported that China and India were in talks about

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