What do you wear to a Great Gatsby party? – Unique Vintage Peacock Flapper Dress

Here, some advice: Wear a tuxedo (or maybe you want it to match you). If he’s really interested in you—perhaps out of a crush you might have—you can wear a white dress shirt and a white blazer. And maybe be more modest than usual, wearing high heels as part of what appears to be a “dapper look.”

Why does that sound so retro?

For one thing, it is! The look was popularized by a few well-known fashion photographers in New York, most notably John W. Campbell. The “Wagon Wheel” look has become a go-to for “cool” chic. And the tuxedo is not only timeless—it’s also easy to wear. That’s a huge deal in the new-age fashion world.

Preliminary results released today from the national telephone survey by CNN/ORC suggest Democrats and Republican-leaning Independents are more likely than not to see a “strong leader in Washington” when it comes to the president’s ability to fix the nation’s problems.

Fifty-seven percent of registered voters see “an effective leader of the Democrats as doing a good job with solving most problems” when it comes to the situation in Washington. That’s a substantial improvement from June 2012, when Democrats’ confidence in President Obama had dropped to 36%.

The CNN/ORC poll was conducted Nov. 7-10 and surveyed 1,011 adults nationwide through telephone interviews. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3 percentage points for the sample of 507 registered voters and 3 percentage points for the entire sample.

The results are consistent with past polling on the “strong leader problem.” In February 2012, Gallup found 45% of registered voters believed that Obama had a good handle on the issues; by the end of August 2012, that number had dropped to 34%. In August of this year, Gallup found Obama’s approval rating at 36%, slightly below his August ratings of 43% and 41%, respectively.

Gallup also found the president’s overall position in the national polling average at 36.3% overall, up from 30.7% in December. The results reflect the change in the economy from July to September, when Gallup found Obama’s ratings significantly higher (38%).

The CNN/ORC poll was conducted between Nov. 9-10 and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.7 points.

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