What did they wear in the 20s? – 1920 Black Flapper Dress


And those movies?

A lot of them. They were all about the movie star. In particular, the famous Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart. These were the same actors you’d see in Hollywood films — James Dean in The Man with No Name, Orson Welles in Marnie.

They were all wearing the same uniform, right?

In fact, they all wore the same uniforms. They were all playing the same kind of roles. They were all wearing what was effectively the same uniform and we’d say, “Well, you see, the whole point of what we do is to take your uniforms off.” And we found that a very useful technique in getting the audience to respond a certain way when they saw us dressed up in a certain way. For instance, we found that a lot of the audience, even when they knew who the actors were — not just who they were as actors but who they were as members of the audience — they responded to the fact that our actors were dressed up in those uniforms. It was like they were the uniforms, or like they’d worn that uniform and had grown up in it.

What about the set of the movie?

The whole movie set had been designed by the same team that did The Wizard of Oz. We would call upon the team. They’d do their usual set designs — the sets that would have played a significant part in The Wizard of Oz. And what I found, too, was that there seemed to be many, many instances in which it was impossible for these actors’ uniforms to be on the set. If something went wrong in production and they were wearing these uniforms on set, then we might use a set dressing room in New York to do our show with the actors and that would be an enormous problem. But in other cases the actors and other people in the group were perfectly willing to go through an enormous effort to move the actors so that we could get them into the set dressing room. But what is it that is so interesting about that? In other words, that you can think about the costume that, on your set, may really be irrelevant? It may be irrelevant and no one on the set really ever noticed, but if you were there you might find in the dressing room of the movie theater that these performers are actually wearing the costumes of the scenes in the movie. It’s really as if the audience has gone to the movies. The people in the movie theater are the people that

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