What did the flapper girl represent?

As the saying goes, “It’s not what you’re without, it’s what you do.” The flapper girl represents the women who work in the entertainment industry and her role was to entertain.

What kind of role did this girl play?

It was very important to the flapper industry to have a woman to entertain, to engage her audience, to not be one of the men. The young women in the industry were very conscious of women being treated more like men than women were in other fields. They understood that men were the ones most likely to be asked out, and when it happened they were often embarrassed. This girl would make guys come to her dressing session, make them smile, and talk, and it would show just how much she was willing to come to the party (or her dressing room).

Did she have a boyfriend?

She had a boyfriend of some sort and she had a relationship with an editor, but the thing was no one really knew anything about what these guys did behind the scenes.

What type of role did she play?

In high school she did a play with the school’s theatre group called Pippin and this was for the school year. This one was really long and involved a lot of talking and dancing. She had this boy play the title role, however, in high school they don’t have the resources of the theatre group to do this type of play anymore and they asked her to audition and she went in and did a wonderful job and got a starring role, but then during rehearsals it became very apparent that they had a situation in which he wasn’t the one that had taken her place and the person that she needed to be her girlfriend was a very older man who was quite handsome and had a lot of money (this old man was also very popular). This made her somewhat uncomfortable and it was very clear to the producers and the boys that they needed to do this with a young woman. They arranged for her to get a boyfriend of her own age and it was a marriage. This boy and the young woman were very close, but this one boy was very much against the flapper idea and was very opposed to her acting the way he did. There were a couple of occasions she had her back against the wall, however, one of those was when she was about to have sex with this old man and told him that she loved him very much. Because this is such a young age, this girl had no idea as to what