What did real flappers wear?

There was nothing flapping about in the 1960s. The clothes of the real flappers was different from what we wore then in any case,” says Dr. Daniel. “So they were looking for something to flaunt and not give them off. So many of them had very good ideas and very creative expressions on clothes. I remember we’d get together and we’d discuss these clothes and make some clothes and then it would be so much fun!”

And yet, the clothes from the 1960s were very far from what we wear to this day. Today, for instance, you’ve probably seen fashion magazines and TV shows featuring women from the period flappers. “Most girls of that era started to wear tight skirts and tight tops. And by the ’60s, they’d gotten rid of that. By the ’60s, they’d started to wear the tops back off at the ankles and back in, and they’d gotten rid of that,” says Dr. Daniel.

“The girls of the 1960s were always experimenting with styles, the girls of the ’50s were just always looking for how they could get out of what they were wearing when they got home. And they’d find a new style for themselves and that’s what we’re doing now,” says Dr. Daniel. “As they get older, they’re getting a bit more self conscious. I think that’s one of the many reasons the clothes for this collection have such a sophisticated look, because they actually were a part of the culture as we know it, we grew up with these clothes, and they have a certain look. They’re not some knockoff, this is something completely original.”

“Monsieur Trump, when will you learn to deal with women?”

And this is the question, posed by a Quebec woman who was forced to defend herself against some vile online commenters.

The attack took place last Friday, following the Quebec City mayoral race. This was an election campaign dominated by a sexist debate that revolved around the question of “what’s the best way to improve the quality of our cities?” A popular proposal was “ban car parking,” which would see the elimination of all parking spaces for women so that they can be on their own.
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A Facebook page created by an apparently disgruntled friend of mine asked people at the election to consider the question of how one can defend herself from “miles” of “unfair sexual remarks, verbal abuse and constant bullying” that she’d received.

It was