What did real flappers wear? – Flapper Dress Patterns

The women and girls of the Flapper Generation did what they did because they were inspired by their heroines. A typical article in Glamour describes the fashion of the time: “Women wearing tight black miniskirts and high-heeled shoes, they carried nothing but white handkerchiefs and sperries, often embroidered with flowers, which they offered to the patrons of the cafés, the ‘hotel d’hôtel’ or the taverns.” (The first of these hotels were established in Paris in 1740, and more than 60 years later many more are still in existence).

In terms of the clothing it’s hard to say what an independent designer’s approach to flappers is. Some of the items are very simple, or at least “feminine,” and some are more colorful than others—for instance, “the skirts and dresses which some have worn only a short time and are much used in the street,” while others are more elaborate.

The flapper dresses in style and style of the French Revolution

What do the men do?

They dress like women. The men don’t really make any special dress, more an “effortless style”, but that also means the flappers don’t bother to get into their man dresses, so their outfits could be called “formal” flappers. “Many,” says the Glamour article, “dresses are quite short and the skirts are low,” so they would probably have been “a bit conservative in the eighteenth century.”

What do the women do?

They wear only one piece of clothing (a skirt or a dress) with their hats and mantelets. They do not need to be very glamorous to look like a member of the Flappers—although some of them did have a little flower in a bow. These pieces of clothing are worn a couple of times, then simply discarded, either because there were not enough people in the street to cover them at the next meeting, or because the flapper was not sure what kind of a crowd we’re going to have, or because they “don’t belong here.” However, it’s interesting to note that some of the women’s dresses were long and draped: “the girls might be dressed to the knee or shorter, and a pair of black tights, which sometimes, although they seemed very fashionable to girls of the period, never caught on in the street,” notes the Glamour article.

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