What did men wear in the 1920s? – 1920’2 Dresses

The most common thing men wore were trousers. There were two main types. First was the simple, uneducated slacks.

The other was what was called a pith jacket. It was not the same as a coat, as the body was pulled up and down. It was a bit of a costume.

And what about trousers today?

Trousers have changed drastically over time. At different times, you’ll see trousers of various lengths. For the men who lived until the Second World War, it was all knitted.

When did knitted pants come about in Australia?

That was in the 1940s. There was a certain generation that thought a piece of clothing was so simple and cheap that you didn’t need to be too careful when you wore it.

They were popular for the time. There was a certain group of men who were more concerned with their appearance than they are today. They didn’t appreciate any sort of fancy material.

But trousers have come a long way since then. They’ve evolved into an element of the costume that men wear today.

And what does that represent?

It’s the essence of clothing. We live in a world and society where there’s fashion at its essence. It’s where you’re wearing what you want to wear now.

Men’s garments don’t necessarily have to be the same. There’s a lot of variation. It really does go all the way back to when the man was dressed in the cave.

What’s the future hold for men’s fashion?

We tend to see it as an element of the past. But if you really look at it, it seems to be a very positive force.

We are entering a new phase where fashion is evolving and becoming more fluid.

Fashion has always been about individual character. Men need to recognise this.

Are there any examples of clothes for women to look out for?

Oh yes. Women tend to like more classic shapes and colours. And they’re more interested, perhaps, in clothing that’s more traditional.

Women tend to favour things that aren’t too far removed from the time when women wore traditional, everyday garments. We’re still wearing all those types of clothing today.

When did women start to become more interested in the clothing that men wore?

The first thing is that the first garments women started to wear were the traditional feminine underwear – cottons and cotton

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