What did Ladies Wear in the 1920s? – 1920’S Flapper Dress Costumes

Well, for starters, the ladies had their own separate section of shops. They did business alone. Ladies bought clothing, had it delivered to their houses, took it to the stores, and returned it with the sales clerk. Many women stayed in the same rooms until their husband or a friend arrived. That was another good thing. No one could take away their clothes.

Today, the same shopping practices continue, but more women participate. That’s why I like this story about Women’s History Month: The women of the 1920s are the first to wear their period clothes to the store. (Thanks, America!) Here’s how it works. At the beginning of March, an organization called Women’s History Month held an event, featuring an interview with Margaret Atwood. (Her debut novel is “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and it centers on a fictional handmaid, who uses starvation and cruelty as a tool to achieve political and social goals.)

Now, while women wore pants for decades, they didn’t wear skirts, dresses or even underwear in the 1920s. A woman’s panties would be a plain black top and a plain brown or burgundy skirt with a button-up collar. If her husband didn’t pay, a woman could order lingerie and a corset-like bustle—a piece that gave an added shape, heightens her silhouette and makes her look more like a woman in a Victorian-era suit. For all the different ways women dressed, their clothing wasn’t radically different.

But the women who attended the Women’s History Month event were wearing their period. There were two major points to that.

The first was that it reminded us how incredibly different this country was from the world a century ago. Even when we did things differently, we still looked, acted and dressed the same way—our clothes were a good indication that.

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