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As you probably already know, colors were popular in the 1920’s. While men generally did not wear very much or at all, the fact that many women were choosing to dress in color and wearing the most beautiful colors was certainly a positive change for the times. This particular period was known as the “Colors and Colored Clothing” era.

Why does the period show so many female clothing designers?

While women were mostly creating new styles from their past, there were many women creating the styles which were to become standard and in fashion throughout the world. If we look at the fashion from the 1920’s this is exactly what we see.

Women were still making these simple styles which were simple in appearance and in fact still show up in the same style for about the next 50 years. One example is a pattern by Elizabeth Spence which was a clear, contrasting blue and a pattern by Edith Head which was a strong and bold pattern with bright colors such as lime green and blue blue. This was also a time of women wearing dresses with an additional shoulder seam, which the men of that time did not, which were simple in the way of color and shape.

One of the more striking pieces by Edith Head is the dress which she designed, although it is not a pattern which we see on many women’s clothes today. It has a simple, almost straight cut with a high neck design which allows the breasts to lay above the shoulder. The neckline has a subtle triangle at the end. It is also very fitted, but not loose fitting or showing any excess fabric. In our opinion this is a design which is very feminine and has many similarities to what we see today.

We also see a pattern by Elizabeth Spence designed in color by Annie McPherson for which we could also use red, black, blue and white for comparison. Annie McPherson is considered to be the first fashion designer to feature more than one color on her dresses.

One of the most famous designers who was involved in a lot of the styles from the 1920’s was Annie McPherson. Her signature designs are generally found in the summer, spring and autumn which are often a time for women to show off those body changes, which for many women could include the use of colorful clothing and accessories. Annie McPherson was a strong believer in wearing the most beautiful clothing which allowed women to be more confident, and so this is usually what one would see in her best known pieces,

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