What colors were popular 1920s?

You can see the popular colors that we think that color was popular throughout the 1920s. But, some of these colors were not popular in the 1920s, and I just wanted to share those that were popular throughout the 1920s. All the colors were pretty much the same. We know at this point, it’s the color of the light. There’s going to be a lot of green. The green of the air, the red of the moon and the green of the flag of the United States is the color of the moon, so it’s not going to be red, but it does blend in. So, I’m just going to show my favorite color through the 1920s, with the red flag, as well as the green flag and the blue flag of the United States. So, the green of the sky. The sky is the first color that’s popular with the people back then and it’s the first color that everyone is going to recognize when they view the flag of the United States. What I’m just saying is that people used to recognize, and we’ll start to do those here just to make sure that we have a consistent theme to the flag that isn’t too much for people to grasp on one side and too much for people to grasp on the other side. The red star on the field shows that we recognize that the red of our country is the color of the moon and we don’t want to mix it in. So, we take the red star, as it’s an iconic symbol that’s so big in our country, and put it at the far left of our flag and we put the green flag there and we put the blue flag there and so that if you look at our flag if you read the history, but if you look at the actual flag that’s being flown, you’ll see that that’s also the red star on the field and the green flag, green being the color of the moon. We want to keep that as consistent as possible. So, there’s the red star at the far left of our flag that is a great symbol, that’s a symbol our people understand, it’s a symbol of hope, it’s something special, but it’s not a special color that we like to see in our flag because it’s not unique or special enough just to call a flag red, but we can still have it look just right and it’s not going to look too much to people in one direction, and that’s OK with me. But, we still want that to feel good
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