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Carmen Carrera: I was born in 1922. We had this big house in a very cool building. My parents were immigrants so they always wanted to build something cool. My parents did just that and painted this old house in these cool shades of yellow. I think this made this house very recognizable, and I think that was another reason that it was one of the popular blues from the early 1930s that we are remembering from the 1920s.

What were the highlights of your life around the 1920s?

Carmen Carrera: My father was a very successful businessman. He and my mother made a fortune selling goods from their house. My father got very interested in a certain color, so in the 1920s he started buying color magazines and experimenting with them, and he started going to the local movie theaters. He was very interested in things that were new, interesting and different to see. I remember I was nine or ten and he showed us this film that had just been shown at the theaters and when my mother got home, it was the same movie. It gave us that feeling you get, that we could actually see and experience something new and interesting, like we are supposed to do because we are part of the cultural revolution, or whatever, but we are not. I think it also made us very sensitive because everything was about money. I remember one time as a child I would get my parents to watch this movie of a man falling with the wind and falling off a cliff. That was really a highlight because you could see the whole sky and the mountains in the distance fall down or the man. I think they were very important parts of our experiences around the time.

I was a very active child but I also had my own problems with my parents. My parents separated in 1931 and I grew up in a house that was a very chaotic atmosphere because my father was really depressed and my mother was also depressed, so my father started fighting with my mother. It was like a constant argument. He always fought with the women and with me too. I would just hang out inside after school playing tag outside and playing video games together all day. My brother, who was 10, was around too. We were always having problems. I was always having to come after him sometimes, even though there was no issue. My mother just started to work during the day, so my father started to have a job, and he started making a lot of money too. That created more conflict between my mother and

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